I believe in the power of small business (let’s bring back the mom and pop shops!). I can help you grow your business through online marketing efforts (Social Media — Facebook, Instagram, Your Website, Twitter, Handle Emails & Communications, Meetup, Etsy); live events (I have 15 years of Freelance Event Planning experience); design (Logo, Website, Marketing Materials, Business Cards, Flyers, Banners); and anything else your business may be in need of to fully thrive! I am more than happy to provide you with samples of my work.

Whatever route you may feel compelled to take your business on to bring in greater revenue, I am on board to help! I have a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Miami in Business Marketing. My husband and I live in Black Mountain (what a great place to live!) and we have 3 wonderful children (all under age 4). While being a full-time-mom limits how much I can do outside of the home, I am fully resourceful with just my iPad, WiFi, and cellphone. We can definitely meet as needed to discuss your vision and anything your business requires!

As far as paying me for assistance: $9/hr for anything social media, online, design-related. Events are handled differently, and I receive 35% profit post-expenses (venue, cost for entertainment, guest speaker, food, promotional materials, etc.)

Contact me anytime for any project (big or small — whether a flyer or a full-blown event!)

– Nalla Pollio /