The grounding and therapeutic effects of far infrared heat and Reiki are used to uplift, soothe, and treat the body in a deep yet gentle way. Feel yourself fully embrace the healing warmth and melt into relaxation. A lovely addition to your detox, movement & nutrition protocol. Infrared heat and Reiki are excellent tools individually. The combination of these therapies offer even greater support.

We offer in-person Reiki sessions, distance Reiki sessions, healing attunements, and certification classes (Usui Method of Reiki). Contact me to schedule your session ($25 for 30 min, $40 for 60 min). The addition of intuitively based readings via oracle cards, tarot, and runes can also be added to your session for no additonal cost. Distance sessions are wonderful because they allow you to be anyplace and still receive the benefits of Reiki. For such sessions, we schedule a time for your appointment, and in that time you intentionally relax and allow. After the hour of receiving Reiki, we will touch base with any additional messages for you via phone or email.

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* To schedule your Reiki session, healing attunement, or inquire about classes, email