We believe that by connecting with the Earth and it’s natural frequencies, we can fully activate our healing potential. We also believe that empowering individuals, small businesses, and creatives, we can transform this world into something truly beautiful. Our unique combination of services and products here at GROUND to HEAL are intended to awaken and support you.¬†Through Lymphatic Decongestion, Functional Movement Training, CLEAN Cleansing, Infrared Heat Therapy, Reiki, and Small Business Support, we assist in creating and implementing¬†your daily optimal wellness plan, with benefits spanning far and wide into the “big picture.” Work with us to streamline your detox, movement, nutrition, and business, in a fully-personalized way, for the ultimate balance of mind/body/spirit.

Email us (Nalla & Taylor) at ground2heal@gmail.com — Call/text 828.442.2121

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